Sovereign Quantum Codes

 DNA Reprogramming


Dear friends, we begin this journey with a choice...

Choosing to heal is saying yes to life!





"Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his team have discovered that DNA has its own language, containing a kind of grammatical syntax, similar to the grammar of human language...


This led them to state that DNA can be influenced by words spoken by the mind and by the voice, thus confirming the effectiveness of the quantum mechanics of the Sovereign Quantum Codes. This discovery asserts that by adapting the frequencies of our verbal language and thought-generated images, DNA will reprogram itself, accepting a new order and rule from the frequencies received and then transmitted from within. In this case, the DNA receives the information from the words and images of the thought and transmits it to all the cells and molecules of the body, which are reorganized according to the new pattern emitted by the DNA. Sovereign Quantum Codes are therefore capable of reprogramming DNA in living organisms using resonance frequencies that are bio-compatible for DNA.

Quantum reprogramming
Total reconnection

By listening to the codes you unfold your innate potentials, as you listen you repair your internal structures,

a new coherence is established, the ability to coordinate and link the different planes of reality is activated

Sovereign Quantum Codes the solution


To strengthen your self-confidence, to activate faith to expand / code 1

To realize yourself through your being by activating your creative power / code 2, 9

To repair your emotional system by cancelling your suffering memories / code 2, 5, 7

To free yourself from deep physiological stresses by restoring your natural biorhythm /

code 3, 10

To deeply transform all your systems by updating your DNA on the unified field / code 22

To free yourself from self-sabotaging systems and dysfunctional thoughts that prevent you from realizing yourself / code 21, 27

To free yourself also from all external sabotaging programs that prevent you from realizing yourself / code 13

To activate your vital energy to access your inner strength, your power / code 23

To regain your vitality by activating your Qi, the Breath necessary to all living organisms, to give them Life. Code 24

To activate joy, pleasure, abundance, enjoyment of life / Code 8, 16, 17

To eliminate all your toxins / code 30

Harmonize your 3 brains: belly, heart, mind / your nervous system / your blood circulation / your organs / your cells and all your energetic structure. All codes

As you listen, you will gradually access your full genetic capacity. All codes

Health is a state of vibrational coherence in resonance with the source of all life!

"What are Sovereign Quantum Codes?"

Each code is a healing at the highest frequencies performed and orchestrated by healers and musicians from around the world who channel the free energy, the Constant. The Source has brought you these codes with the intention that only love heals. You will therefore be able to receive the frequencies of love at the highest vibrational level through the sounds, the rustles, whispers of nature, the rapture of the sounds of medicine animals, sacred instruments and the extraordinary voice of CHERIII. A golden voice, for your golden hearts!



"What is the purpose of Sovereign Quantum Codes?"

Their aim is to restore the healthy frequencies of the cells and organs, normalise the energy flow in your body and restore the exchange of information (LIGHT and SOUND) between cells to promote health. The codes make it possible to identify any "anomalies" within the organs and to amend them by sending harmonious natural signals of very gentle intensity for optimal penetration.



"I listen to the codes regularly and I have seen a before and an after. I am definitely better and out of my airlock of pain and suffering very quickly. I run, I jump!"

Love and Gratitude

- Gisele -






The easiest way to reprogram your DNA : listen, let it happen, reprogram




The codes allow you to recover the original programming of your DNA. Born from 15 years of research in bioresonance and unified quantum physics, they are a journey into the heart of quantum through an original frequency structure, coupled with a system of encoding and light. To be sovereign is to be able to determine one's own direction to align with one's sacred destiny once the artificial matrix programs are uninstalled and the original matrix programs are re-installed to heal. Each code is a healing at the highest frequencies realized and orchestrated by therapists, healers, researchers, musicians from around the world who channel the free energy, the Constant.




Audio evidence of the effects of the codes



Sovereign codes are quantum treatments for individuals and health practitioners, they can be used at home and/or in a session with a therapist to enhance the treatment.

They are a moment of grace, a totally relaxing treatment : cocooned in a warm blanket, in the heart of a forest, on the grass, well covered to keep your warmth. In a quiet place, lying down or sitting (cross-legged if possible or on a comfortable sofa) depending on the desired effect, in a session at home or in a treatment at a certified therapist's.


What do the codes allow ?
A unique experience of connection and well-being









Quantum reprogramming
Total reconnection



You will feel a new coherence in your internal structures as you listen, the capacity to coordinate and link the different planes of reality


Re-coherence on the unified field​​​​​​​

Sleep repair

Activation of the Heart vortex

Cellular regeneration

Cancellation of suffering memories

Unleash your creative source power

Strengthen the immune system

Repair of the DNA

Activation of vital energy

Elimination of toxins

Calming of the entire nervous system and emotional centers

Helps focus and structure, clear vision


That the greatest number of people have access to the re-programming

of their DNA to heal themselves




A healing tool for all!

After years of research, CHERIII received universal healing codes, created with a team of 15 musicians from all over the world and tested in real time by therapists and doctors. Several patient testimonials have confirmed the effectiveness of these codes.


Transmission ...

CHERIII is asked in her mission to lead conferences around the world, in order to transmit to all the power of our innate potential of healing and self-regeneration via organic frequency systems...


They share their experiences

Reintegrate my Sovereignty in my beautiful light ... 





"I come to bring you my testimony to inform you of the importance of these sovereign quantum codes

I was guided at the last minute to attend the first CHERIII workshop!

At the first words of the codes, the tears start to flow, as soon as I hear code 9, I visualise a foetus and the birth, the tears flow a lot, I let it happen, I don't understand but it doesn't matter... Two days later, I find myself on the ground, crying, sobbing, I visualize myself as in ashes and I hear: "as a phoenix rises from its ashes" I let it happen, I welcome what is happening, a little later, I feel a big urge to put myself on the ground, as a fetus, I feel calmed. Need to listen again to the replay, and I understand the outcome, thanks to the quantum codes, I was able to release the dark part of myself to be reborn and reintegrate my sovereignty in my beautiful light  

Thank you CHERIII, Thank you Universe 

Sandra Haudebourg

Healing center Ar Ruskenn - France

The sovereign quantum codes are intended, to make you gradually sovereign by activating the HEART gate which is the most powerful vortex in your body, thanks to very precise systems of resonance in order to be able to use the power of quantum energy which is the Source of all manifestations. Sovereign, which means free, autonomous (energetically and physically), powerful, independent, coherent, functional, benevolent, loving. This is what the codes allow: to live your creative power with a high degree of quality generated by the power and balance of your vortex/heart in coherence with the Source, in synchronicity with the unified field = Inner dialogue with the Universal Energy.


Singer, author, spiritual guide and founder of "Conscience Vibratoire"

Listening to the words and sounds of the code 9, I really dove into the amniotic fluid, my eyes closed, I felt this cord linked to the second of love that created me and that I had never perceived in my life! Especially since I had never felt a very strong bond of love with my mother, she always appeared to me as a stranger and yet I was not adopted. 

After listening, the following days during the day and even as I write, I hear the words vibrate in my belly, according to a very precise rhythm and as if in an indelible way, then "sovereign" "I exist"! I am no longer the daughter of !... "I am so free that the next morning when I woke up, and after listening to Cheriii's Sound Reconnection, I went back to sleep for a few minutes and had a very short dream where I saw myself in my car surrounded by rays of incandescent white light and there, I braved all the prohibitions, first a red light, then I went up a street in a forbidden direction... but free and conscious, as if I were leaving the Old World for the New?                                         

Note that this morning, so a few days later, I feel contractures in the abdominal belt and the kidneys which are not painful but unusual and which remind me of the contractions of my own deliveries of my two children ... a link without any doubt with the work of the frequencies listened through these codes.

For the words and sounds of code 28, after this half-sleep, this almost hypnotic state I can say, where code 9 had plunged me, I didn't remember them at all, so intrigued, I listened to it again the next morning, and there, as if by magic, I remembered absolutely everything, the impulses of the song the rhythm of the words identical to my first sensations came back, my body had recorded everything well, the imprint of the song was there and then I realise that as I write this morning, if I try to find the experience of the code 28, my mind has once again hidden it, it is both disturbing and fascinating, to feel the body memorising this listening alone

I am truly impressed by the vibratory and energetic impact of these first two codes and I only have one desire, to discover the others... thank you again for this discovery and magnificent experience.

Françoise Chanaud

The first time I listen to Quantum Code 9, I am in my mother's womb. I am curled up in it and I hear a woman's voice telling me that I am free. I feel good in this luminous listening.

On the second listening, I see myself again in my mother's womb. When I hear the wonderful female voice, I gently turn onto my back, stretch out my little arms and legs and feel a deep relaxation within me as a fetus. My little body feels so good that I feel this wellbeing even in my here and now as an adult. The me of then meets the me of now, and that in the material. I am in gratitude.

And then my whole body lights up, this light fills the amniotic sac, I see the liquid turn golden, the light spreads into my mother's body, which in turn becomes pure light. And my father is there, he embraces my mother and he too becomes light. The whole room where I was born and where my parents are now holding me in their arms together, as young parents, is filled with light. Thank you for this unique moment of painless healing, by the grace of divine light. Thank you.



Hélène Vallé

"Sound Healer"