Who are we?

CHERIII was interviewed for the upcoming documentary WAKE UP by Christophe COSSÉ, co-producer of Hold Up, on the vibratory field with speakers such as Philippe Bobola, Louis Fouché, Laurence de La Baume, or Irvin Lazslo among other researchers, doctors and world-renowned speakers, on the subject of Quantum Codes : these revolutionary vibratory treatments.


CHERIII has co-created the Conscious Connected Hearts Summit in September 2021, with luminaries such as Foster & Kinberley GAMBLE, Professor Aziz EL AMRANI-JOUTEY, among 22 speakers from around the world to help everyone learn to connect to the unified field.


The Codes allow to recalibrate through the DNA with the unified field. The research work began well in advance with a team of therapists and doctors.

CHERIII met Nassim HARAMEIN in 2015 and began to make the connection between bioresonance, quantum entanglements and the unsuspected possibilities of DNA (called Junk DNA).


CHERIII is here to explain the importance of Codes and programming from frequency codes.Different types of codes exist, and we are all being influenced by the new frequency field in our modern era.The Sovereign Quantum Codes have been specifically calibrated to be bio-compatible, with instruments from 20 Hz hertz to 4225 Hz hertz, specific dolphin frequencies, whale frequencies, intra-uterine sounds. The codes have benefited from recording sessions with musicians and therapists from all over the world in the wild and directly in therapeutic sessions in Belgium, Canada, France and Argentina.