You are a professional

You need a powerful DNA reprogramming tool for your clients, patients, during, before and/or after your sessions


To amplify the effects of your treatments, to release the dysfunctional frequencies, in vibratory dosage linked to the deprogramming carried out during the session!

The best option for the professional 

The License Pro / pay once for a lifetime license

With the professional license you can :

With the certification you will receive your certificate of use which gives you the right to use the codes

in a professional context and you will be added to the list of certified professionals

Use codes in your practice

Receive your contract to use the Codes during your individual or group sessions.

Implement your current tools

Use the power of Codes to help your customers stabilize and multiply their results.

Prescribe them and get paid for it


Thanks to the vibrational posology you have the right to prescribe codes between sessions to reinforce the healing process and you receive 15% commissions.


remarkable efficiency 



The American press is talking about the Codes and already many therapists around the world are using the codes to amplify their results.